Word by heart Seminar

Despite great difficulty we made it there. We just made it. Traveling was the only downside to our stay in Jeffries bay. The home like atmosphere of the base and the anointing that it has makes the base welcoming and enjoyable.Traveling was an adventure. Excited to see the famous South Africa Garden rout in the evening, we went to catch our bus. The issue we came up against was that the bus was four hours late to which was frustrating for me. I have grace for “African time” when I encounter it but this was extreme even for a relational culture. After the sun had set and it was dark, we got on our bus and I set a timer for eight ours to wake before our stop.  Because there was no sign for our stop, we missed it and went to the following stop forty five minutes away. To add to my gray hair formation I naïvely thought we would be fine to be without a SIM card in the team to contact people when a situation arises. A situation had arisen. Thankfully, we used someone’s phone and called our host Claire and her and her husband came and picked us up.


That same day we ran a seminar. After arriving at six in the morning we started the seminar at nine forty five. The people were eager to learn how to memorize scripture but were very theologically trained which was a challenge at the beginning. Once we opened their eyes to be creative with the stories to help them remember, they opened up and enjoyed the next couple of days. They told the story of the Emmaus road.We had a presentation with a youth group at Victory church and the response was incredible! Students were coming up and talking about how their eyes were opened to how personal and interesting the scriptures are. Annalie and I formed friendship with many from that group. The next day we had another, shorter seminar and many from the youth group came hungry for the word. They took it by storm and we all had a great time. It was one of the best seminars we have had.Not only did we meet new people but the outreach team from Amsterdam we had met in Wocester came to Jeffries Bay a few days after us. It was good to be with so many amazing people who are all desperately in love with Jesus. Due to the short span of our time in Jeffries Bay we didn’t do much outside of ministry. Jerome, a base staff,  graciously took me surfing which I greatly have missed since I left South Africa. Many people whom we have met I dearly hope to see again and they will always have a place in my heart.