YWAM Chico Team, January 2016

Thursday might have been one of the most amazing days of ministry here in South Africa so far...God keeps reminding us that although we have less than a week left of ministry, He still has big plans for us. Our team had the opportunity to be guests on a local radio station. We got to talk about what we have been doing during outreach, and just share encouraging words with the listeners. There are over 350,000 listeners on this radio station, and it was so cool to see the way that God worked through each one of us to convey a message to the listeners.

When we left the radio station we drove up to the top of a hill, and had no idea where the pastor was taking us... We arrived at our destination and it was a trash dump. There were around 75 people collecting recyclables and digging for anything valuable. It was honestly really upsetting to see people in these kind of conditions and to see the hopelessness on their faces. We later learned that they actually live there in "the bush." Usually in a shelter they have built, a tent, or no shelter at all. As soon as we got out of the taxi, people started to approach us. We got to speak life and value into them, tell them how much Jesus loves them, and pray over them. 31 of these precious people accepted Jesus and their sins were washed away... 3 people there also received physical healing. One of our most powerful ministry times thus far. Our team went there not even knowing what the plan was, or where we were going... But continued to say yes to God and what He had for us, and look what He was able to do through us because of our obedience... Learning how to obey God in every circumstance has been a huge lesson for us, and lucky for us... God is the best teacher, and is extremely patient with each one of us.

After the dump we visited a tuberculosis hospital and got to sing worship songs, do a skit, and pray over each one of them. After worship we explained how much God loves each one of them, and how He would have sent His son if it was just for them alone. 13 of them, including staff accepted Jesus into their hearts and one deaf man also received his hearing again. We have the best Father, He keeps showing us how faithful He is over and over again. Afterwards we visited another hospital and sang worship songs in the patient rooms and prayed for them and for healing of their bodies. 2 people were healed and they were all very appreciative that God had sent our team there to encourage and pray for them. Following Jesus is such a different and exciting adventure everyday. Our team is learning more about God, ourselves, and each other each day and it has been an incredible journey. All glory to God for what He has done in South Africa this far. It's so fun to tell people the testimonies, and remind them that we are normal, average people... There is nothing special about any of us, we are just continuing to say yes to God and the plans that He has for us and the people He leads us to. ( Kynzie Dragoo, YWAM Chico DTS )